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I offer the ONLY 100% money-back guarantee in the business. 

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About Me

I moved to Gran Canaria, Spain on the non-lucrative visa after several stressful months learning all of the requirements for a successful application and how to go about gathering them. My goal is to take the anxiety out of the process for you and guarantee a successful application.

— Owen, “NLV Guy”

My Services

On a consultation call, I can explain my full services in detail.

Preparing the Application

I manage every step of the document-gathering process from start to finish.

Finding a New Home

Comparing locations and contacting realtors to set up tours.

Tax Planning

45% income tax? Wealth taxes? Taxation of 401 (k)?
Learn why you might off the hook.

Families (and much more!)

Picking schools, setting up bank accounts, registering with town hall, etc.

Why Choose The NLV Guy?


100% money-back guarantee if your visa is not accepted.


My competitors process multiple types of visas. I specialize in one and only one visa, which I know inside-and-out. I keep myself up to date on changing requirements.

Personal Attention

Unlike the big law firms, I am available around the clock to answer any questions.

Successful Track Record

I have never had a client's visa be denied. That's why I offer my guarantee.

Client Testimonials

“Owen knew the process inside and out. Yes... we could have done it ourselves, but it would have taken several months longer and meant a lot more stress and uncertainty. Along with the NLV, Owen helped find a school for our daughter and a place to call home.”
Mykola M.
“Owen didn't lie when he said he would be available around the clock. He was there to answer any lingering question right away. And believe me.. I had a lot of questions!”
Margot S.
“Wise beyond his years... Spanish bureaucracy is a world in-and-of itself. He was worth every penny. Not sure where two fossils like us would be without someone to walk us through it. Next caña is on us if you find yourself in Costa Brava.”

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